How to Choose the Best Games on Bons for Indie Users

How to Choose the Best Games on Bons for Indie Users

Among the top casinos that operate in the Indian market is Bons. It offers more than 2000 games that are created by such famous companies as ELK, Gamzix, Booming Games, 3 Oaks. In order not to get confused in all the variety, it is useful to understand how to choose the best game.

Take into Account the Types of Games at Bons

The casino offers different types of gambling entertainment. Take into account what specific type of game belongs to when choosing where to bet.

Consider the Slots

Video slots are the most popular type of games in India. They are characterised by the fact that the user cannot influence the outcomes at all. You just need to adjust the bets and start the spins. A decision may only need to be made when the risk game becomes available. The player in this situation must choose whether to risk the prize for a chance to increase it. Slots will suit both beginners and experienced players. Play in the apparatuses if you are ready to fully rely on luck. Remember that even in slots work tactics to manage the bank.

Pay Attention to Board Games

Such games are recommended for those who want to influence the results of a round. This is especially true for poker. In Texas Hold’em it is of great importance how well the user is able to calculate probabilities, to determine when it is better to take risks.

There are table games at Bons Casino and for beginners who are still inexperienced. You can play baccarat, blackjack, roulette. In these games, randomness is more important. However, even in them the player must make the right decisions. For example, in blackjack, the user must be able to determine whether it is worth it to pick up another card or whether it is better to stop for scoring.

Test the Lottery Games

Lotteries are optimal for beginners who are looking for simple yet exciting games with instant payouts. In India, bingo is particularly popular, where a payout is given if a certain group of numbers is covered on the field. Players are also interested in keno, where the results of rounds are determined by a lottotron.

Minimal user influence on the gameplay is provided in scratch cards. All you need to get a payout is to open the winning sectors on the virtual card. You can completely exclude your participation in gameplay by activating automatic opening of cells.

Explore the Catalogue of Crash Games

Crash games, like slots, are suitable for all categories of players. Any game of this type available at Bons gives a prize on a well-timed cashout. Aviator, developed by Spribe, is particularly popular in India. It is created using provable integrity technology, so it is optimal for those who want to be sure that there is no third-party influence on the outcomes.

Try Playing with Live Dealers

Live games are suitable for those who want to play for real money and want to feel the atmosphere of a land-based establishment. Bets are accepted by real croupiers, acting as presenters of live broadcasts. In live casino there is VIP Roulette, American Roulette, other variations of table games. Baccarat, blackjack are available. There are also TV shows that are popular in India: Hi-Lo Club, Spin Win, Sic Bo Deluxe.

National Indian games are also represented in live mode. Users often make Bons betting in Andar Bahar, one of the most interesting variations of blackjack. Teen Patti, a fascinating variation of poker, is also popular.

Check Out the Characteristics of the Slots at Bons

Having decided on the type of game in which you will bet, start studying the characteristics. They determine whether a particular position corresponds to individual preferences, bankroll. Most of all characteristics in Bons provide video slots.

Evaluate the Subject Matter

Choose the machine that attracts the theme. If you like the Asian theme, you should not play Space Jammers, dedicated to space. It is better to launch Xiao’s Treasures. Take into account whether the slot provides a plot. Modern machines often provide storylines that are not inferior to the themes in computer games.

Define Betting Limits

Match the limits of the amounts you can bet with your available bankroll. Playing a machine with high stakes, having a small bank – not the most sensible decision. It is better to choose machines that provide wide limits.

Check out the Payout Table

Check the payout table of the machine before playing it. The size of winnings can be displayed both in currency and in the form of multipliers. In the first case, the payout corresponding to the bet is shown. If the payout table refers to the second type, multiply the amount bet by the value. This will be the size of the potential prize.

Estimate RTP

The return rate is the most important criterion for choosing slots for those at Bons Casino login to play for money. Play those slots where the RTP is higher than 95%. 96-97% is enough to ensure a good chance of increasing your bankroll.

Check Volatility

Volatility characterises the distribution of prizes among users. Bons features slots of 3 types:

  • Low-volatility – frequent but small prizes;
  • Highly volatile – rare but large prizes;
  • Medium-volatility – balance between frequency and size of wins.

Low-latency slots are recommended for beginners. High-latency slots are oriented to high rollers.

Explore the Bonus Features

On what bonuses are in the machine, depend on the interest of gameplay, the chances of winning. In slots there are such bonus options:

  • Wild is a symbol that substitutes for any other symbol;
  • Scatter is a sign that brings prizes without being tied to the lines;
  • Freespins – spins that take place without withdrawals;
  • Bonus level – differs gameplaywise from the main level, gives additional prizes;
  • Risk game – gives you a chance to increase your winnings.

If you like variety and want to ensure you have the best chances of winning, choose machines with lots of bonuses.

The wide range of games available at the popular site in India makes it possible for everyone to find the right entertainment. Read the Bons Casino review to learn even more about the items available in the catalogue.