Indirapuram News About Saya Gold Avenue Reveals Steps Taken to Ensure Water Safety

Water is one of the most important aspects for humans as well as others to live well. However, water scarcity is something a lot of countries including certain parts of India are already dealing with. Some places have this issue due to climate change and natural circumstances, while others have man-made problems, resulting in the water crisis. When it comes to the Saya Homes water crisis, the issue has arrived recently. As per the Indirapuram news about Saya Gold Avenue the residents are facing problems and the concerned authorities of this group started looking for the root causes. Though the same is still not known, it is expected that man-made issues can be a leading cause behind it.

Indirapuram News About Saya Gold Avenue Mentions the Reasons of Adverse Effects of Water Shortage

Saya Homes are among the builders who never take residents’ safety and comfort for granted. When the water crisis issue came into the Indirapuran news Saya Gold Avenue immediately Saya group authorities took the necessary steps.

 As per the notice in the Indirapuram news on Saya Gold Avenue water crisis issue, the authorities are speaking about the effects of water shortage and related issues. Even the normal tasks have become difficult to perform. For instance, people have to think multiple times even before using water for gardening and other regular activities. 

Proactive Steps Saya Homes is Taking to Ensure Proper Water Flow

The authorities of this group are well aware of the ongoing Indirapuram news Saya Gold Avenue crisis. Hence, they are taking proactive steps to make sure that people do not have to face issues due to lack of water. For this, they are doing the following: 

 Regular Supply of Water Bottles
To provide people with easy access to clean and safe drinking water, Saya Group is supplying Bisleri water bottles in every apartment. As per Saya Homes, we are keeping a close check on every situation and trying to handle the crisis without causing further issues. Hence, we are supplying over 1500 water bottles daily so that people do not have to roam around just to get clean water. 

 Arranging a Sufficient Number of Tankers

In addition to drinking water, Saya Homes is also arranging multiple water tankers so that regular chores of each household can be done without any hassle. The authorities of the group and designated members usually assess the number of tankers needed. Based on the same, they are ensuring the number of tankers. 

 Replacing RO Systems and Filters for Free

This Saya Homes water crisis issue is not permanent as it is because of the water contamination issue that was reported. Keeping the same in mind, Saya Group has decided and even changed the RO systems and filters of each apartment, irrespective of the brand. Since no one knew if those systems had stored contaminated water or not, they have changed the same. Please keep in mind that they are not charging even a single penny for this. 

Indirapuram News on Saya Gold Avenue States Measures Taken by Saya Homes to Ensure Water Safety

Alongside ensuring proper water supply amid the ongoing Indirapuram News of Saya Gold Avenue water crisis issue, the group is also considering several things. They are doing this so that water safety can be ensured and future contamination can be prevented. For this, they are taking the steps listed below: 

We have received a letter from the CMO office where they have suggested completing the chlorination process. We also want to make it clear that we have successfully completed the same after cleaning each water tank thoroughly and properly – Saya Homes spokesperson.

The group has also sent some water samples to numerous labs i.e. Lucknow-based lab. Some of them have sent us positive outcomes while a few results are still pending from the lab’s side. As per the spokesperson of Saya Gold Avenue and Saya Homes, we are quite sure that all results will come out clean. However, we are doing this to rule out any possible contamination.

In addition to the aforementioned steps, they are also conducting regular checks of the water supply/tank that is close to the DDA sewage or open drain. We have marked it as suspicious of water contamination. Hence, we have already cut down the water supply to prevent any hazardous event. After checking it properly, we will also send the samples of the water tank connected to this lane to check for any possibility of contamination – Saya Homes. 


Since the group is actively engaged in finding out the possible reasons and fixing the issue, they have requested people to stay calm and cooperative in such a situation. In addition to this, they have also asked people not to consider any rumor or fake Indirapuran news about Saya Gold Avenue’s ongoing crisis. The group has always focused on giving the best to its residents. Be it water safety or overall security, Saya never compromises on these aspects. And, when such an issue is there, they are working day and night just to make sure that it is resolved quickly.