The tragedy of Francois Cevert

Francois Cevert was a real rising star in Formula 1. A fast bet online now is available at 1xBet, where everything from Formula 1 is featured.

He was known not just for his speed on the track but also his charismatic presence off it. Born in Paris in 1944, he decided to race under his mother’s maiden name, Cevert, as a tribute to her. His charm and good looks matched his racing skills, making him a favorite among fans and peers alike. Make your fast online bet now with 1xBet on any of the current Formula 1 drivers.

A special bond

Cevert started making waves in racing by winning the French Formula 3 championship back in 1968. His break into Formula 1 came in 1970 when he joined the Tyrrell team, teaming up with racing legend Jackie Stewart. The best drivers from Formula 1 and other drivers are also present at the website.

Cevert was more than just a teammate to Stewart; he was like a younger brother and a protégé. Stewart taught him the finer points of racing, and Cevert was a quick learner.

His standout moment came in 1971 when he clinched his 1st Formula 1 victory at the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. At 1xBet you can also place wagers on other entertaining Formula 1 races too. This really put him on the map as a future star of the sport. By the end of that season, he was 3rd in the drivers’ championship, a pretty impressive feat that highlighted his potential.

Over the next couple of years, Cevert continued to impress everyone with his skills. Some things he did were:

  • in the 1972 season he made 4 podiums;
  • he ended that season at a 6th overall place;
  • the next year, he won even more podiums and reached 2nd place in the championship.

This convinced many that he had a bright future.

A tragic end

But then tragedy struck at Watkins Glen in October 1973. During qualifying, Cevert was pushing hard to snag the pole position. He was flying through a tough part of the track known as “The Esses” at about 150 miles or 240 kilometers per hour. A live bet on sport form 1xBet is also available on what happens on the qualifiers too.

Tragically, his car suddenly veered off and slammed into the barriers. The crash was brutal. Cevert died instantly from his injuries. He was just 29 years old.

Cevert’s death was a huge shock to the racing world. It was a stark reminder of the dangers that come with the sport. His passing not only led to tighter safety measures in Formula 1 but also left a deep impact on his teammate, Jackie Stewart. He was so shaken that he retired from racing right after, despite being at the top of his game. You can make a live bet on your favorite motor sport discipline at the 1xBet website on all participants in its races.